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If You See Spelling errors on my pages, do not email me about them. I have Dyslexia. It is a disorder. I interupt data too fast from mind too hand. I only have it via keyboard. I did not miss ten grades of school, *what lovely wiccans and witches you are* remember- word, look and deed is also punishable by threefold. I am no *wannabe* and my egroups know this. I am sorry you are all so bent that that you have too email a witch and tell her how you all think she Sucks. May Morrigan Bless you all and open your eyes!

Unlike you, I don't have "all day" too correct my pages, when and if I want too, I shall. If you don't like it, don't view my pages, I present my opinions, and my experiences too you. I didn't know too be a witch I had too be perfect! Are you perfect? The Morrigan Accepts me as I am. Maybe you can all LEARN From HER.


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-Do not fill it with your rude comments, keep them too yourself or go whine about them somewhere else!-

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- I have got 10 emails today from people I don't know who are Pagan who wrote me just too tell me How Bad My spelling and Grammer is. Thank you so much! I have dyslexia which is a disorder. I type things Backwards, and I Miss Grammer Mistakes. I get the ones I can. Its not a factor that I Missed 10 grades in School, Its a Factor that The flow of information from my brain too my fingers gets Crossed and I type it backwards because I type so Fast.

For The Fact That all my websites Were Attacked- They have been here since Late October, November 2000 and you all just saw them makes me wonder. You're pagan's and witches and you wrote me just too tell me that I SUCK. Work on yourselves please before You dare attack me. I don't care if you have been a Pagan for 14 years, Your 34 and are a 3rd degree Wiccan! You think this will make me and everyone respect you because you are as wiccans put it, "an elder" ? I know people twice as Young as you in physical age and demand more respect. It is not Age Of the Physical reality That makes one an Elder, Its one's Age Of SOUL That Makes them that way because they are Enriched with Ten times the amount of knowledge you possess and wisdom! That is what an Elder is and until you proove too me this is what You are, you can take your third degree and shove it up your..

As For the Fonts I use, (lol yes my site was abused because I use Celtic Font!) It fit the page! I was also bashed for slamming witchvox. Let me state again That My Submission too witchvox was denied because It was a Button too remember Slaim Pagans and Witches On Samhain 2000. It was not an article, it was not denied because of my spelling errors. God You people make me Sick. As For the CRP article that I have On My Personal homepage at, Let me state that those are my opinions, and you don't have too accept it, or like them. Everything I put on my pages here I share with my egroups, and I have many celtic witches in my groups, and none of them are Recons. If you are Recon, if you are Celtic Traditionalist, Fine. I am not, and I View your "reconstructionlism" as an Insult too my ancestors and My people. I am not "ignorant". I am sure your path is very valid, its just not for every celtic witch or pagan! I know about CRP, I have read many things about it. The more I read about it the angrier I get. If you don't understand or like it, tough noogie get the heck off my pages. Just as Native Americans take offense Too the "cowboy and Indian stereotype". I know you all mean well, and blessed be and kudos for that. But as MY HUMBLE OPINION, and I am entitled too my Opinions! It is an Insult too all the picts, scots, and irish and Fae worked for and stood for and still stand for, and Until you can stand in my shoes, and see IT FROM my eyes, do not, Judge me!

Morrigan's Rant, and *Press Release*!!!!
Why I don't approve of CRPism!

Recently, I have been condoned a Fake by a Former Pecti-wittan who has now Gone CRP, by saying I am Biased because I don't approve of Celtic Reconstructionalist Paganism. I see Pagans trying to reconstruct Celtic Paganism, as Insulting the Celts whose religion and way of life never died, or surely we would not have Those who are not reconstructionalists Doing and being Wittans or Pagans, without being reconstructionalist!

This is why I don't approve of sites such as Dun Sgathan It is a great site, I agree, and I have heard much greatness and badness from the woman who runs it. But There is more too Paganism than trying to reconstruct something That never died. It just went into Hiding. If this Makes Me BIASED, By Having an Opinion of a woman who calles raymond Buckland Fake, and bashes all of Llewellyn Books because she deems them NEW AGE and FLUFFY BUNNY, Then so be it.

I don't judge Witches or Pagans who follow the true old religion, without the aids of reconstructionalism/Traditionalism. My groups know me too be an intelligent, fair woman, who cares much about thge world and who does not have an attitude about being something Great or being snooty! They know me not too be fake and as long as I and they know it, as well as The Goddess and God, Then I don't have anything too worry about!

Welcome To Morrigan's Cairn!
Morrigan's Cairn, Is Ran By Me, Morrigan StormRaven. This is My Magickal Name, and This is the only name I prefer to go by in the Pagan Community. My Name was given to be By The Morrigu. She the Celtic war goddess, the maker of storm's and she of the raven.

I am a 23 year old Pecti-wittan. I am Pagan, And I Proudly call myself a witch. I am not a CRP or celtic recon pagan, I am purely a woman whose roots are ENGRAINED in old warrior paganism. I am a writer over at and will have a list of my articles up on this list very soon. I am an aspiring pagan writer who hopes to someday be published by Llewellyn. I LOVE llewellyn books and I support them.
If you do not like llewellyn books maybe you ought to do something rather than moan and whine how they are new age wiccan bookstore only. Last I Checked their website it did not say that. But if reading llewellyn makes me a New age wiccan then let me be this new ager then! ;-) I don't talk about The author's that brought us into this new millenia of witchcraft! It's harming someone and maybe you should look at what your saying!

I work with many Goddesses Of The Tuatha De Dannan. I am a De Dannan (I don't view them as 'Gods') Myself, and I work with Celtic-Faerie Magick doing very little ritual. Pecti-Witta, or Pictish Witchcraft, is a Mixture of Faerie, and Celtic Shamanism and Druidry. Witta celebrates the magick of life, not a lifestyle of magick.

I hope you learn something from my site(s), and if you feel like you and I are of like mind, you may wish too join my networking and webweaving Circle at: Stormraven-Circle. It is not a coven or cyber coven. It is just a group to webweave and pass news and articles through. If you are on a webtv internet terminal (not a computer) you may wish to also check out: The wtv_witches. This is for pagans and witches on a WebTv Only! which means you must have a email. The page explains how to get your email box from being cluttered!

Thank you for Visiting my Cairn! If you would like to send me email: Email Morrigan Stormraven

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