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Angry Goddess

I am a woman full of rage
And I am crying
I see many thing's that leave me speechless
And I feel like I am dying

The pain of the anger is neverending
I want revenge, what is rightfully mine
The world has changed since my last lifetime
And deep inside I have no sign

I do not know what is coming
I can not point out what shall be
everything around me makes me scream
And I feel powerlessly at sea

The world she is different now
Why did you leave me sleeping?
Somewhere there was made a grave error
And now her children lay weeping

What happened to the Craft
Why you burn and prosecute my witches
Why you hurt and say your protecting
The mere thought has give me twitches

And I am fret with nerves
And I cry long into the night
At crossroads everywhere is death of some kind
And It Can Not be Made right.

Did You ever ask Yourself
"Why"? So You Could assist
Those that Hate and Those that Kill
That what They Fear, and resist?

And noone claimed to call you Torturer
You pretend not to hear their Screams
And Noone Claimed to Call You Murderer
As things fell apart at their seams.

Well Her Children Are Angry Now
I give them pledge to take back the Night
They hid in terror, and Fear
I give them back their Birthrite.

I have lay sleeping a long year
But Now I have awaken
And now by blood and marrow, bone and sinew
It will be you who are shaken.

For I am The Angry Goddess
The Patron of War and Death
And I will come for you
And Rip from you your last breath.

Harm None, Not my daughter's
Or your soul will rot in my hands!
And I promise you a Grave existance
Should You Cross Me, And My Lands.

A Word To Young Witches
Also Called "Goddess Creed"

My Children come with me
Let me spin for you a tale
A tale of fairness, of what is right
To Warm your souls on A Cold, Listless Night

Never harm yourself nor another
Never harm them with words or deeds or might
Never hurt your brother or sister
Never claim your better and challenge them to fight
For the Wyrd shall be againest you
The trees will see you lost
And then you will know hopelessness
And what Your Pettyness Cost

I know the time is different now my daughters
But the season of witches are the same
You still come to me in moonlight and starside
You still with the horned one ride
You still speak my name at Imbolgc
And dance with me at Beltane
Feast with me at Midsummer
And Hold my wedding Train at Lunasa
You Mourn for me at Samhain
And You give blessings to me at Yule
So minus the year
The craft is the same
I still know all of you by your name
I see you all as equal, none shine brighter or dimmer than another
You are forever my daughter, and I forever your mother!

So Please my witches remember my creed
Give those without, and bless those in need
Never turn away one of your own
Let them live with you, should they be alone
And never call another 'fake'
Or allow those like this to breech under your skin
For what is now will be later
End and begin again

Time is an eternal dance
In each lifetime you have a chance
You can make a difference and break a trend
You have two hands, give one to lend
Treat all equal
And harm you none
Under root and tree and moon and sun
Brook and river, wind and sea
Know always I am with Thee.