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Why I don't like Celtic Reconstructionalist Paganism

It seems I have been under the gun lately because it seems I am Bashing CRP-ism. Well I don't prefer too be called a Reconstructionalist.

To Me, CRPS, are rebuilding the celtic religion, something in my book, Never fell something taht never died because if it did, why do we have people still following the old paths, such as witta and pecti-wittan without the aid of "reconstructing" It?

I think too concede and say that the celtic religion fell is too insult The Celtic peoples. I also don't consider the De Dannan, Nor the Picts Too be CELTIC. They were PRE-CELTIC, IMHO.

The Celts are the Sons of Mil and The Scots. The Celts came from Greece and Gaul. (France)

I Consider the Tuatha De Dannan Of which I am Of, by bloodline as well as the picts because the Picts came too Ireland before they went too Scotland, and Intermarried with Tuatha De Dannan widows. Of this I have some proof which I have read in books and on websites, such as the pictish Art society, as well as Family Hierlooms. To Not Be GODS, even though they are considered gods and goddesses, but also People That I am of. I was accused of thinking myself above other people in an email, I will share with a Former Pecti-wittan who has now Gone CRP, too which I feel is an Insult.

To The Tuatha, To The Picts, To The Irish and Scots, The Druids, Their religion was more than religion, it was Life. Too say as a CRP That their life died, too say their religion died, is too insult them. If the true celts saw what CRPS were doing today, they would roll in their Cairns. You Can not reconstruct something that Never Fell, because if it truly fell, died and disappeared, why are people and pagans and wittans and witches stil following The Tuatha De Dannan through celtic witchcraft, faery wicca, Celtic Shamanism, The Caledonni Tradition and Pecti-Witta, as wella s Other traditions that Talk about the forementioned Traditions and Paths without the Aids of Reconstructionalists?????

I Understand also though That These recons think That they have a Right too rebuild the New Order, from the Old Orders, But They don't. Yhey declare the old religion dead and ITS NOT DEAD! It was never dead and its never going too be dead!!! They insult they way they go about Saying Its dead, and they are Reconstructing It. Then the real people who follow The old orders form Fam Trad books and BoS and such are called fakes and posers and Idiots! Thats not right! Witches or Pagans don't do that!

The Celts Were a Fair Warrior race, they were Scholars, and thought themselves equal too all. At least This is how I remember it. I am an Old soul, and I have walked many Paths. I am not a God, I am not above nor below, But I am equal too all. I have been De Dannan, and I have Been Scottish, I remember distinct places and distinct periods of Time and place and certain wars and certain places. I Do not lie and I do not kid myself and am Not jealous. I am a Pagan and the Goddess loves me, what have I too be jealous Of?

Call me fake and Judge me if you want too, I still stand firm.