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- Tales Of Morrigan Stormraven-

Well first Thing is First, Greetings and Hail and well Met!

On My Tales Page, I will attempt to Tell you about my Experiences To Finding The Broomstick and Tales I had while, well, "Sweeping"! Sweeping is Important, sweeping is a term I coined for using the Craft, and having it work for you! It's Important totally because it let's you grow as a pagan/witch.

A Dedication To Morrigan~The Witches Dedication

First of all Let me begin my Tale of How I became "Morrigan Stormraven"!

~Finding The Calling~
Confession's Of A Witch, A PROUD WITCH!
By: Morrigan Stormraven

I was Raised a Baptist, living In Southern Georgia with my Mother and Father who were wholesome People, of course! At age ten, my father passed away from cancer, and my mother went down a downward spiral. I was sent too live with Guardians, and That was a Living hell, because they weren't baptist, but wouldn't ya know, Penecoastal's. Well The Man's wife was anyway, he did not go to Church.

So I was forced, literally to go to church at a penecoastal church. They literally scream, yell, dance and cry in the "spirit". They also speak in tongues, run the aisle's and Jump the Pew's. And They say dancing Skyclad is bad!

My Early teenaged years were spent here, hiding in the bathroom when I could, in this Penecoastal hell. Then when I was 14 I moved again farther south to live with more guardian's, who were at least, Baptist. Thing's were not as good as they seemed though.

These people had two children who were Academic Sucessful. They were strict as hell. If you came home with a report card that had a C on it, you tushie got whipped, or you got scolded and made fun of. But No That's not the worst part. The Father was a Deacon in the baptist church and a bonafide creep. Even though I was at this Point 110% christian, baptized and everything, someone and something was missing. I felt so..empty, and everything church wise was as it was supposed too be.

That's when I got Molested By This Deacon. The world got turnt upside down, and I was sent to live with Whom I will always consider a "grandmother" of sorts, my foster mother. She was the nicest woman I had ever met. I quit going to Church, and turnt athetist. It wasn't a failure Of God, jesus Christ and or the Church or the religion. I Just did NOT enjoy that Religion anymore. I went Completly athetist. I did not believe in God or jesus or satan or sin or anything anymore. I begin to get dark and angry inside. I begin to Use curse words and evolve as a 16 year old Teenager.

I Moved Back Home To Griffin, Ga In the summer 1994, I continued my atheist drive. Then I begin to be psychic, something was waking up inside of me. I became telepathic, empathic and clairvoyant, these abilities, saving my life more than once. In The Spring of 1995 I met my soulmate and Consort, who was more awakened that I, he got me started on the Witchy Kick, he started talking about reincarnation and that we had loved each other before, and that we were destined for each other, and he told me to write it down because "someday it would be true" Naturally I thought the guy was an Idiot, a psycho..a looney-bin. I Can't begin to tell you How wrong I was!

We Broke up shortly after, I was becoming VERY CONFUSED. I met someone else, and at age 18, decided too get married. Very bad mistake when you are starting to learn who you are going to be. After I had been married some months, I was in the New Age section of the bookstore, when I saw "Kisma K. Stephanich's Book, "Faery Wicca, Book One". I picked it up and felt an Electric zing go Through me from Head to toe. I was not an athetist from that day and bought the book on the spot, even though I did not understand one bit of it. (Thank You Kisma!)

That was The Beginning of The Beginning! MY Husband was Mormon and did not understand what the hell had happened to his wife who started spouting theories on past life experiences and reincarnation, and the wheel of the year, and the High Holidays, and The Faeries..The Little People. My Mom was also worried, thinking I had gotten involved in some Satanic Cult and that My soul was going to burn in hell.

Well, We were cleaning out my carport's closet in The Fall of 1996, and I had been married about 7 months or so when my husband found a Silver Ankh Necklace. I knew the symbol because in Third Grade social studies I had been obsessed with everything Egyptian. I put the necklace on, and about a month later my past life memories begin surfacing, I wrote them down in what I still call my "Life-Journal" My first lifetime experience was my Egyptian Lifetime when I had been an Egyptian priestess of Isis. I thought that was my only lifetime..wrong again.

I started Buying everything on the Occult, it was like a brand new world opening up too me, while my husband and I drifted farther and farther apart, I was not concerned, I was possessed with a Knowledge to Learn, and to Be In This New World. I started Buying Book's By Silver Ravenwolf, and Deborah Gray and Athena Starwoman, and Scott Cunningham, and Even Fiction Book's On Vampires and Norse Mythology and Psychics, by Authors like LJ Smith.

Yes, You can guess I started remembering past lives with The Boy who told me about them in the first Place. I saw in the memories as he saw me and I felt that Love and that Honor and That Protectiveness that he felt for me, then i felt like a Total Idiot. I had married someone else, someone who was avoiding me now and hanging out and drinking alcohol and smoking pot and coming home to puke it up hours later.

I was not a very happy wife, so I began having an Affair with my Husband's Brother of all people..and My Best friend's Fiancee. My Marriage was in the tiolet, doing dogpaddles over and over and I was in denial, not wanting to admit anything was wrong and that's when I started getting Hit, slapped and beaten by my husband. I felt like it was my fault, that I deserved it and if I Forgot about it, It would go away. But It didn't and it got worse and worse with him intentionally trying to get me preganant so I would not leave him. (I did not get pregnant thank the goddess) I would not put up with His shit anymore. So On His Birthday, I kicked him out in 1997. Three Days later I had hooked back up with my consort, who I am still with now too this day. In 1999 I got divorced from the creep who almost killed me, and my self esteem, sexual drive and spirit.

But I was still a closet witch, and wiccan. people were telling me I was No wiccan, I was too angry, they were right, I was really angry and really messed up inside, I went through alot of darkness, and had to dig around in me and find myself. I started out by being Electic Pagan In 1997. I was also sick at the time with my gallbladder and almost died from it, I had surgery in November 1997 and had it removed. When the Nurse asked me what my faith was I told her "I am Pagan" My mom in the corner gasped, "You tell her your baptist right now young lady!" I said, "NO, I am a WITCH!" and My mom apologized for my behavior exclaiming I had picked this "up from the internet."

" The Kind nurse asked me what I believed in and I said "everything and all thing's except which exploit and Appose us". She was impressed to say the least, my mom however, fumed and looked like she may need a few prunes to eat to settle her system. I had opened the broom closet door and stepped out.

Since 1997 I have been out of the closet and an Electic Pagan, In December of 1999, I begin to discover that my Family had pagan roots, while doing a Family tree search I discovered My Ancestors were Pictish. That Has lead me to Become Solitary Celtic Dark Pictish Pagan In 2000. The Morrigan Chose me as Her daughter Back In the Spring of This Year, Most people choose her, but she chose me, and I excepted. I found my Voice and Now I use it too encourage other women To Find their voices and raised them in a Chorus with all that around us. I encourage the men too do the same.

I also encourage any woman or man who is in an abusive domestic or verbal or sexual relationship to leave it. Get out, you are beautiful no matter who you are and you do not deserve that kind of treatment. No man nor woman has any right what so ever to put their hands on you to cause hurt and pain. That is Not TOUGH LOVE, Nor love at all. If You do not have a parents home to go to, Check into a Shelter, or ask someone for help. If you are a teen and you are being raped, or sexually abused, get out, call a helpline, or your Local DFACS Office, Look In the phone book under Department of Family and Children Services, or call The Police Dept. Ignoring the problem will NOT make it go away and there is no reason for you to feel embaressed or ashamed, or dirty, This is not your fault, and never will be your fault, the only fault of yours is if you do not get out of the abuse!

-Morrigan Stormraven