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So You wanna Be a Witch?
Morrigan StormRaven's Witch FAQ

So Many teen's and young adult's have the wrong misconception of witchcraft. They think it's like what you see in Movie's: BlairWitch, BW2, Witches of Eastwick, The Craft, and TV Shows, Like Buffy/Angel, Charmed, Sabrina. It's not.

  • We do not curse people, nor hex people, nor wish too cause them suffering nor Pain. We do not shoot magick out through our finger tip's nor fly on broom's or threw the air, laughing like a heathen Child.
  • We do not dress in all black, except for some ritual's or gathering's when we are honoring a Certain aspect of the goddess such as old age, or the Crone Stage of life, an aspect of us all at some time.

  • We Do not cast magick too steal someone's boyfriend or cause that person harm. We do not use Our abilities or magick to kill, threathen, steal, hex, curse, or make people Sick.

  • We Do not Cause Harm, we do not use our power's too earn us money, this is called Personal Gain.

  • We are not witches, pagans, wiccans, wittans too be cool, be part of a trend, feel loved or fit in and be someone. As A person you have too look inside and accept who you are as an individual before you can be anyone or anything.

  • WE DO celebrate our holidays, we do NOT celebrate them by having ritualistic orgies, drinking blood, worshiping statue's or goat's, or sacrificing animal's, or babies or anything of the sort.

  • The Naked Gathering's you may see is called skyclad, it's too equate one's mind and body with nature, There is no sex involved, PERIOD. Not all Circle gathering's also called esbat's or sabbat's (not evil word, esbat means "festival" sabbat means "holy festival, or holliday") Do Skyclad ritual's, and certainly not all the time. Most of the time it is with a Circle gathering of all women and is certainly not Co-Ed.

  • The symbol's we use, I.e. the pentagram, the athame, the chalice, the book, the broom, the Cauldron are not evil symbols used for cooking up a poisonous brew. The Pentagram symbolizes Perfect Balance of Nature We always use our pentagram's point UP not Down, or inverted. The 5 points of a pentagram inside a circle indicate: (earth, Point up North), (air, east, right point), (Water, west, left point) and the two downward points indicate (fire, right downard point, south) and (akasha/spirit, left downward point). This inside a Circle, which never has an end symbolizes the Balance of Mind and Body and spirit and Element's about us In every lifetime, as Circle's in Paganism are symbolic of The wheel of the year, in which season's change but the wheel does not stop turning.

  • The Athame is the ritual Knife or Dagger. It is used too bless the corner's/sky and ground, but is never used too cut anything or anyone. Much less it is never used to sacrifice anything or anyone.

  • The BOS or the book of shadows, does not contain just spell's and ritual's, which in themselves can be spell's use too dispel negativity from one's house/car/circle etc, and or prepare food, like recipe book's started out this way, in a Book of Shadows.They also may contain: certain spell's to chant away sickness or drinks too rpepare for, it can also be a diary of a sabbat or esbat, or group gathering, it can contain, poems of power and dedication, as you'll see on my "damned proud to be a witch" page. As For ingrediants in spells, such as "eye of newt and tongue of dog" they are plant names.
    It is Called a Book of shadows, because Grey is the color of shadows, being both of the darkness and The Light and Grey is a NEUTRAL COLOR. (see, not evil) Sometimes a BOS is called a Book of shadows and Light. It has also been called a Grimoire. (grim-or-a) But this term is usually incorrect as it came about in a movie. Shadows are also the world of the witch..for we are of the mysteries of the universe, the unexplained, we skirth both world's, day in life, Night In dream and Shadows in the afterlife. Not evil. Its a Understanding of the cycles of life, death and rebirth.

  • The Broom or besom is used to sweep away the negativity inside the house or the circle, you sweep east too west because this is the direction the sun travel's. The broom is also used during Yule, Samhain/halloween and Thanksgiving Can be decorated with ribbon or a red bow and holly. The decorating of Corn on a door or Broom's and wreath's during the holiday season started in this manner.

  • The Chalice is used as a Cup The athame is placed into used symbolically in the Great Rite, it also can be used as a Cup of offering that is passed about the Circle too drink from. Wine, ale or some natural beverage is always presented. No Blood. The Chalice represent's the Womb of The Goddess, or Great Mother of the Universe, that from which we all come from. The chalice can also represent the fertility of the Earth. For the earth can also be a womb from which plant's and tree's and crop's grow.

  • The Cauldron is a usually thought of as a Great big black pot, that is stirred in the hearth. (Fireplace) It Can be any big fire-resistant pot used too place items of ritual in. Or too be cooked in (though kinda hard too in these days!)

  • It is important too announce None of these tool's Create a Witch. Even if you are born a witch, this doesn't make you a witch. A Witch feels a certain spark, we call this the Charge of the Goddess, and it can not be put into word's. It is something each of us feels, rolling through our blood and deep down in our soul's, so deep oftenly it makes chill's go down our spines and Tear's spring in our eyes. You'll know when you feel it, because it will feel like the Universe makes sense and the feeling of love you feel will take your breath away. You will also know at that very moment You have a place in this Universe. These tool's mentioned above help a witch, But The most powerful magick of all is KNOWLEDGE of all Thing's in and around You. Too know yourself as deeply as possible and stand before everyone as openly as I am being before you know Is The Key. Be yourself.

  • Do Not look too join a coven or circle or start one To feel loved, or cool, popular or find a boyfriend or girlfriend. If You start the path of magick while wanting too be fufilled then it will backfire. One does not work magick, or create magick to GET something. Witches abide the Pagan/Wiccan Rede In which states:

    Yes i have certain witches/pagans say..the rede is wiccan, as a Pagan I don't have too follow that. Well all i have to say too you is you must not feel very fufilled if you go around casting thing's on people that may hurt someone or cage their free will. Wither you believe in threefold law or not is Irellevant. You know when you have done something bad too someone else. You may be an idiot about responsibility as in accepting your responsiblity for your action's if your magick harms someone, but you are still Human and you know when you've done a bad dirty thing.

    And the old adage's "you reap what you sow" and "what goes around come around" are Pagan adages for a Reason.

    So You see, we as witches have morals, and laws too. We do not do magick to harm anyone. There are no Satanic or Necromantic witches, or Dark Witches. There are DARK PAGANS however, which i shall explain more so on the Dark Pagan Pages. Dark Pagans are not evil, we do not worship satan, we just follow the darker side of the path, but we certainly do not do evil. Witches do not believe in satan, we believe if you give evil a name you give it power, and we don't do this. Our Primary nature God/patron/diety is not a Goat, he is a stag/Male Deer. He is known as "the horned god" which is not Satan. The horned god is a God of nature and The Hunt, thus the warrior aspect. The Man who is balanced with himself and the element's and Goes out to hunt too provide food for himself and Family.

  • Our Goddess is known as a Huntress also, she is a grain gatherer and gather's the crop's and Harvest's, and provides love too her mate the hunter, and food for her family and clothes and such. Our Goddess is oftenly seen as a Goddess of the Night, In which night is the time when people when to celebrate her. Not worship. Most God's and Goddess's where Real people. There are images, and houses, and book's the wrote that prooves there existance.

  • The Term God and Goddess does not symbolize what it does in Christianity. Meaning there is one god, and he is the true and only right way and unto him all things are born and is the one and the last and all sorts. I was once a Christian. That religion scared me too death. I did not like how woman worshiped her mate and too submit too his will only and right now or else. I didn't except how god created the universe on this day and he did this on that day, and that he created man and woman. Especially when I had memories of another time and place that counteracted that claim about he made this woman, and he made this man. Especially when I learnt that The Pagans had their way and then christians came in and Butchered them all because they didn't worship the one true god the only right way.

    Pagans aren't pagans to spite Christians. We don't celebrate our holidays and our sabbats and esbats to piss you off. We don't do it to threathen anyone's religion, we don't do it to get noticed, or feel accepted. We are the indivualist's we have always been, and are always going too be.

    If You Fear persecution for your religion, just think how your whining about our celebrations makes us feel. We don't like religion bigotry no more than the next person. We have rights too do as we will, as long as we harm none and if we are gathering in peace, holding hands and praying in a circle let us. Alot of Pagans throughout time has raised a cone of power of protection againest the evil doings of man. We are healer's, we are protector's and we are messanger's. We will walk the path we walk wither you stand in our ways or not. For the path is not always in front of you, but sometimes too the side, under, and or over us.

    Can I hear an Amen?!

    -- Morrigan StormRaven