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Dark Paganism:: The Darker Path Of Celtic Paganism

Ok, I have been putting off this page for a while, but I feel it's finally time too write it.

Dark Paganism is the following of God's and Goddess's Of The Celtic Pathenon and Other Non-Celtic Gods/Goddess/Patron's of the world.

Celtic Paganism has in itself Many god's and goddess's we can learn from, or celebrate. As we are men and women, and as each of us has a Masculine and Feminine Powerpoints, Women can relate to both the God/Goddess The Same as men Can relate to The Goddess/God. In some factions, the god/goddess are seperate men and women person's, but oftenly They are seen as One Body, to equate us with the feeling we are all of one mind and one body, and equal too all.

Dark Paganism is about Celebrating The Darker depth's and inner accent's of ourselves, and walking a Darker Path. This Dark does not correspond with Evil, Nor do we worship Satanic God's or Evil God's nor do evil ritual's Etc. We are Not Satanic Nor Necromantic witches. Because there Is no such thing.

I define Dark Paganism as The following of Patron's who are Associated with the Darker Images of life, rebirth and death, the inner mysteries. Many people fear death and all it's aspect's but as witches and pagan's, we all walk within the Shadow during our lifetimes, because nature is two sided, and is both made up of Darkness and Light which Create the Shadow we walk in, either knowingly or unknowingly. We Can learn from the Study of Death, and reincarnation, so many thing's if we open our mind's and heart's too study that which we can not control, or we can hide from it, and try and paint a pretty picture out of it.

Dark Paganism is also called Crone Magick, and in the olden days, the elder women and men of the tribe clan were only permitted too work such Magick. Such tool's used in Crone Magick are Seeing, or Divination, fortune-telling, or anything that involves knowing the Future, Or of the Past and or Present. The Elder's where permitted this not because of Their Physical Ages, But because of their mental and or astral Ages--The Age Of The Soul throughout Reincarnation.

Certain God's and Goddess's That one can use in Celtic Dark paganism are The Morrigan, Or on a Solitary Basis the Morrigan broken down, Macha, Badb and Nemain. The Sidhe (leanan, Bean Si, Dioane) The Callieach, The Black Annis, Cerridwyn, The Sluagh, The Whole entire Unseelie Court, (The Dark Fae), Balor, Dadga, And If You have Edain Mccoy's "celtic Myth and Magick" looking in the god/goddess index, any whose goddess/god Correspondce's Include Blood.

In Other Tradition's In Non Celtic Countries some God's/Goddess's are: Isis, Sekehmet, Kali, The Furies, Lamia, The ArchAngel's, Raksha's, Osiris, Set, Horus, Any God/Goddess Associated with War, Death and Destruction. And The ArchAngel's are, if you read revaltion's, also Satan, who was, duh, an ArchAngel.

War and Death And Destruction are not always bad thing's, only a War, Or Destruction of A Town within a Fire, or war, such as when sherman marched through atlanta in the Civil war ( I am From Georgia) Atlanta rebuilt itself after the Civil war and Now it's one of the most profitable cities in the world, However, My Town which Sherman did not march Through Still retain's the 1860 Look and It's store's downtown are not very Profitable. Death, Destruction and War while Seen as Bad and Makes so many people Fret, Also have silver lining's in them that bring about Permanant Change and Sometimes a Better, Improved Way of Life.

Dark Paganism has a way of Letting you see through Everything else too see what Is really Important. So In Short Dark Pagan's are able too see through the entire picture that is presented too them, In order too Fight a certain cause and Make the World about them a Different, More meaningful Place. It's Different Than It's Sister celtic Paganism, because you are not just using a Tradition Of The Past too keep that past Alive, But You are sweeping it headlong into the Future as well. By Connecting with Gods/Goddess's who follow The Darker shadowy Path, You are able too see past the shadow, and past the light too see all Thing's Deeper and Clearer.

So It's not an evil nor bad Thing and it's not so bad too try nor see. It's not a religion nor that path that should be shut down. And sometimes yes, Like all religions and path's it can have Drawback's. No religion on this Earth Is Perfect. Not even the light of god, because it has been dimmed because of the warrior's in his name Killing people Who did not bow to HIM ONLY.

I was a true Chritian once, i was baptised, and you know what, my soul did not feel any different than it did before i was baptised, I Prayed, and nothing can down from the heaven's too feel me with heavenly love and light. I turned too paganism because my heart called me home, it felt right, and I have felt true and content spritually and religously ever since. My Goddess has never let me down, because she Lives in me, and I work with her In myself because she is apart of Me. I never let myself down, therefore I have never been let down by her. I Take responsiblity for my actions in magick, I know that Karma and threefold law exist's because i have been hit by it by blessing's and by lessons taught about what not too do. All Christian's do is wallow on their knee's feel shame and ask their god who allows dieases and death too run rampant as well As War and people killing in his name and religion, Too forgive them of their Sin's.

There are No Sin's But

  • turning on your Family,
  • killing without clause
  • Not respecting life and the sort

    The Testimony told by jesus too his 12 disciples right here is the easiest, "you do not understand" Man has always had a problem with Understanding the unknown and the mystical, It can be standing right in front of them speaking and they would still fear it. WHY ELSE DID THEY KILL JESUS? Was That not also a Witch-Hunt? He had power's..he turnt water into wine, he made two loaves and 3 fishes last an Entire starving hungry Crowd. He saw the future. He in turn too Must have been a Heathen and a witch because he saw thing's. He died for your sin's. That does not mean he died for YOU like everyone think's and preaches, He died because of the sin of man Killed him. He forgave that Because Man has never understood the unknown because he fear's it. That also Makes Jesus Too A Dark pagan Diety because he reincarnated after death and knew the mysteries of The Astral Spirit.

    Remember, Christianity is also Considered an Occult Religion.