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Misconception's and Falsehood's of Halloween/Samhain--and what the holiday really is about!

Halloween/Samhain is Tuesday and I get more and more angry, because even with all the website's and fact's on samhain/halloween in bookstore's and on the Net. It's given such a bad name because it associated with the Dead and Death.

When A Loved one dies, You have a funeral so they will be remembered, and so all family and realtives can attend. Halloween and Samhain is like this too Witches when we gather for ritual and Remember our loved ones and slain pagan's and witches who died for the misconception's of witchcraft. What is so Heathenistic about That? Halloween/ Samhain has become associated withd ead and death because of movie's and storybook's and myth. I know and understand that death is a fearful thing. It is, however something we will all face when it is that time for us Too Go. Witches are not above this law, we are not possessed By Demon's nor Devil's.

Witches do not believe in satan, we do not give evil a name because giving evil a name gives it power over us and this is not something we do. Our Symbol, The Pentagram is Not An Evil Symbol. Satanist's, something no witch is, pagan, dark Pagan, Wittan, Wiccan, Etc. Use The Inverted Pentagram.(UPSIDE DOWN, Point downward) For us The Pentagram Symbolizes, Earth (north point up), Air, (East) Water, (West) Fire (South) And The 5th point is akasha, or Spirit. The Pentagram symbolizes the balance of the element's of Nature, with the Human Body. Holding out your arm's, feet slide apart and head held high is the Symbol of The Pentagram. Not so evil now is it?

The Satanic Pentagram, called a Baphomet (usually with a Goat head in the middle) Is Called Baphomet, and is NOT the name of satan, but a Monk. (go look it up on Lyco's!) The Satanic pentagram symbolizes Matter over mind. We believe Mind over matter.

None of our Sabbats or esbats are evil, nor where they ever evil. People came together to have a meal and pray. Yes Pagan's/Witches Pray. We also work with Angel's, the same angel's The Christian Church Does, we also may pray and or use the Virgin mary, holy sprit and Jesus In our Circle's! If That is Our Choice!

Paganism Vs. Christianity

Many people turn too paganism not because they want too be Evil, or hex people with curses but because Paganism is a Nature based craft that does not try too convert you, by telling you you will burn in a fiery hell, or scare you with stories about the rapture. It is quite interesting too also note pagan's had their religion and christian's came in and Tryed to make them SEE the ONLY RIGHT WAY and The ONE TRUE LIGHT. Religion is a big debate. I say go with whatever work's for you. I don't have a problem with Christian's. Let them worship whoever they want. The Trick is not what religion you follow but as Long as you are SPIRITUAL in some way or another.