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Come and Chat With Us at The Stone Cauldron!

Frequently Asked Question's On How To Use This Chatroom!

  • The Chatroom is a www chat, which means its hosted on the world wide web thru and is not an IRC or mIRC Server.

  • When you click on the above banner, or on the link:
    You will recieve a POP-UP That will ask for your HANDLE and PASSWORD. ENTER ANY Handle and Password!

  • You will then be transported too the Chatroom Entrance Page, where you will be asked to enter a homepage url and a Tagline. You don;t have to enter this if you don't want too! A Tagline is like a slogan or a quote!

  • IF You are on a webtv or a slow loading computer Disable The REAL TIME CHAT OPTION By Clicking on it! This is only for computer user's who have alot of javascript installed!

  • Once you have entered all your Info, Click On ENTER, a small button underneath the Handle, tagline and Homepage URL Boxes. There you go!

  • To Send a Public message, type in the textbox and Hit Speak

  • To send a whisper or private message Type your message in the Whisper box and then Click On The PM Button next too that person's name, you will see two other boxes these are the IGNORE PUBLIC and PRIVATE BOXES. If someone is annoying you click them on Ignore by clicking those two Boxes.

  • This Chatroom is for all pagan and Goddess/God Path's. We are all equal in this room, noone is better than the other one, so be nice and courteous. I am Able To Kick You from the room, but I prefer I not have too do that.

  • You might want to join on of the Egroups To Stay On Top of special Chat meeting's. This is not a requirement, its just when i send out email too those who chat here, I may miss you if your not on one of my egroups. You can fix it where your email box will not get cluttered with mail. I recommend CairnNetNews Because it is Only a NEWSLETTER Type group and not a discussion group.

  • If you have any questions email'em too me..