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Pagan Dedication and Statement:

"I Am a Witch. My Soul Belongs To That Of The Craft, It has the day since it First incarnated on this earth and it shall until It Reincarnates no More. It Shall however remain, And I shall remain A Messenger of The God/Goddess For that is my true form. I am Proud too Be pagan. I watch war's briming over religion in isarel and I feel great sorrow for these people fighting over a Material posession such as a temple made of stone. My Temple is My Body and My Mind.

I do not have too get dressed up to go too church and pray, I can do this sitting in a Lobby, In The park and or shopping for grocery's or driving In My Car. I Do Not Need To be adorned with oil too feel blessed, I do not need hands pressing on me too feel The Spirit. I do not need too speak In Tongue's, or read word's in a book To Know Who and what I am for the Language is In My Blood and Soul. Look At me and In My eyes and see Myself. See The Ancient. I am A Daughter of The Goddess, I am The Hunter's Wife! Stand with me and Feel alive! Find Your own Voice and learn too speak with it. Let them know who we are!

The Burning times are over and the time of hiding is Past. The Season of The Witch is once again and may it be forevermore! They need not fear us, this time the information and truth is at their fingertip's so let them come too these place's too see, as You are here now. We are The Pagan's, The witches, the wittan's, The wiccan's, the druid's, The old soul's and Ancient's Reborn again. Dance with us as you did in ages past, sing with us the music you remember!

The Earth is Awakening With Our Kind again, even though the age's and season's change as they have always. The Wheel is alive so follow it, feel it stir within you. Feel The Charge and The Calling. Be Your truest self, and find your Truest soul. Therein you will know Happiness.

So, If you can not find knowledge and you wish too hate me because I worship a religion and walk a path you deem sinful, I am sorry for you. You can Burn me, But I will not die, You Can Curse me and Hate me, But I will not falter, You can hang me, But I'll be remembered! You can Drown Me, But I'll still be tied too the Earth I Love. I AM A WITCH--Blessed Be.

This site is dedicated To all those who died for the misconception's of witchcraft, their freedom, their individuality, and for being who they were.

"Remembering Slain Pagans On Samhain 2000 Green Ribbon Campaign"