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- This site deals with Proud Views and Indepandant Views. On This site I address my experiences and I show you my Opinions. I am an Honest Pagan, I say what I want even if its not what You want too hear. Your "Elder" status that you flaunt does not matter on these pages. This site is Dedicated too The Morrigan. The Triple Goddess. This is her Cairn, and you tread on Sacred ground. She is the Elder Here, not any of Us. Remember that as you read my words. If you see spelling mistakes, and grammer errors, do not assume that I am stupid or such. For I am not! -

- Morrigan's Cairn Is Under Construction, clicking on the graphic will no longer lead you too the Index page, It will Lead you too the Second Index That will address My Dyselxic disorder, for those pagans who come only too my page to SLAM me about my spelling mistakes.

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