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I am very upset as I write this. I got online today (2/22/01) To find 10 emails from Pagans and witches of all different trads who don't even know me who came too my pages just too Slam me in email and Guestbook. What the hell is wrong with people today? I must be doing something right as a pagan and as a human being too get so ruthless attacked. Is something in the path they follow not working for them?

First of all I want too address, I have Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disorder where Data in the mind flows too fast, and it gets crossed from thought too written or typed language, by hand. I type very fast. I do something Called AUTOMATIC writing. It does not come from me. It comes from the Goddess herself, so too make fun of me for my writing and spelling and grammer skills is too readily make fun of her. I also have a Sticky Keyboard. I am On a webtv also, and I do not have like word pro, too check for spelling errors. My pages have been here since November-december 2000, and just all of a sudden are they attacked for Grammer and spelling errors. I know its not a concidence.

I Know it has too do with Dun Sgathan and all the people who congregate at the holy dun of the Celtic recon pagans. We have allready had words, between several of them. I have stated I do not like The Path of Reconstructionalism. The People, I am sure are all very nice and noble and gallant. But Not every Celtic pagan has too be reconstructionalist! I view it as an Insult which is here: CRP The Path and why I don't like it I have been accused of being open of all trads and On My PaganVox site and my wtv_witches I am Open too all paths, and all experiences, But My Opinions are just that, MINE TOO HAVE. You don't have too like them, you don't have too accept them. This is _MY HOMEPAGE_ I have a right too express myself in any manner that I wsih that I feel is benefitting of a Dark Pagan who follows The Morrigan.

Morrigan Accepts me openly, and lovingly as her daughter. Thats why My Craft name is Morrigan Stormraven. Yes, My views are crooked but You have too dig past all layers too get too know me. I am not fluffy bunny bouncing in the clover ready to love everyone of you with love and Light. I will tell you too F#ck off faster than a Truck driver at a Truck Stop. This is not Immaturity, This is called being a proud pagan bitch and thats what I am, I am coarse, I am vulgar, did you think women warriors were avon ladies? Oh Come on! Do you honestly know what Dark Paganism is? In the old days it was celebrating at the dark of the moon, shucking off our clothes and smearing blood all over in the name of the dark Goddess. You know why? Because the blood is sacred. The blood is seen as the Potion of the Dark Mother. Thats what a bit of dark paganism is, just because that kind of behavior is no longer accepted in this kind of a society doesn't mean a damn Thing! You saying I should not follow the old ways because of that? Lets all be civil witches now..lets be kind and brush away any slight caused too us..*shakes head* i am a warrior, I'll do what I long as it harms not myself or no one, I will do as I Please. But Don't harm me in the process, for swift is the raven's claws..

All you recons, you have nothing to 'reconstruct' if celtic witches and others are celebrating without the aid of ~rebuilding~ anything, You need too understand or CONSIDER that everything you say you do may be seen as a slight or insult too Others, just as you say my words are too you. Damn your pride for a second. Too us, those that don't need reconstruction, because the Construction never fell, it was never wiped out, if we have witches that still practice the old ways without the aid of 'recon-ning' Then..just what are you reconstructing? You can't rebuild something you never had a hand in, never knew how it really was, because those history books you read don't tell you everything. THAT is why it is a Bloody insult. Thats my opinion. Deal with it baby. But Then again..The Sons of Mil (the celts founder as well as the scots) were always Stubborn as hell. The De dannan's were the enlightened ones.

People that come here, you may hate me, you may think I am full of shit, insane whatever, that's your opinion and you are free too make it. You are free too judge me as a Person. I did not judge you as a person, I stated My Opinion On The CRP PATH not the PEOPLE. The Pagan path CHOSE ME, not I IT. It Called me home. Now I may not have my dainty little wicca coven, and I may not be a 3rd degree wiccan priestess, and I may not be serene with servitude and blessed with the celestial swirl of Blessed starry Light, But I am me. I am Honest and I am Open and I am Fiesty as the irish-pictish blood that flows through my veins. That is all I am, I am a Vessel that has tryed too help, not harm. I know many witches who spell worse than me, whose graphics take forever too load and some whose backgrounds clash with their font color, but I have never emailed them and bitched them out because I think they and their pages suck. I focus on the message they spread, not the way its presented or spelled.

As I told those whom I emailed back That slammed me, Perhaps you ought too pay attention too the over-all message my pages represent, UNITY Rather than try and disect me & my pages like a Pig at christmas time. I am not here for you too Judge and yell at, (go yell at yerself!) and accuse of being fakish and wannabe-ish. True, I don't like how witchvox runs their Ezine and thats why I opened mine which has been running for FOUR MONTHS NOW, which has wiccan, pagan, neo-pagan and wittan people that regularlly submit stuff too it. Witchvox does not accept stuff unless your are wiccan or neo-pagan, well established, in a coven or good friends of theirs. I think that sucks. They sure do what your links for their database though, regardless of what you are.

I was accused of getting rejected by witchvox for my submission because of my spelling and grammer. I did not submit an Article, I submitted a Button, too which wren nor fritz ever replied too. I reply too anyone (unless they are down right immature and rude) who writes into my ezine who wants too submit stuff. I sent it IN twice too them, and never a reply either time, and that is before I had Paganvox, or My Cairn page here. SO do not accuse me for what the hell you do not know.

For those coming here who have never been here who I have never seen the rest of my site, I am sorry for this Personal Rant, But This needed too be addressed in this way because this seems too be the only way people who are so misery-ridden can understand things. It is so sad that magick has almost been wiped from this realm so that earth is left so cold and lost and broken, and you break her spirit more with the words you say againest a fellow witch regardless of the fact if you see her as one or not. Check yourselves before you say something and break more of the earth's spirit.

My Site is under re-construction..(how cute something about me is going through a reconstructionalist phase) and I don't know when and if I will work on it. In the meantime, you can visit TuathaWitchery In which is a Tuatha De Dannan site of magick and lore. I have de dannan blood, and memories they are also my ancestors. They are not "gods" too me because they are people I know. I am Not a God or goddess because I am a De Dannan, Otherworldly yes but I am not greater than thou, and they aren't either. I am a person, and I have feelings and Unlike Other Celtic witches, I live outside the BUBBLE you have blown around yourselves. Others have opinions and views we are all different. Either you accept that not every witch is a Bunny and some of us are tough greyhound bitches, or you don't, either you find great strength in me, and find me strong and capable, or I have hurt your feelings and insulted everything about you. Pick one, decide now, then get over it, and move on... If I Have helped you feel more independant then Good, find your inner voice, but If I have insulted you then well Don't scream at me and trash me in email and my guestbook with a voice of a small child who is used too being obeyed, and lavished over because you won't find that here.

You Stand On Hollowed Ground. Like Cairns All over, there's no one there but there Is, and they watch you and you can't see them, but if you try and wipe out all the gunk You have been PROGRAMMED to feel by this world, and learn too see with eyes you don't know you have then perhaps You will be able too see those that are all around you. You know The Goddess may make typos when she writes or types too, would you make fun of her grammer and mistakes also? because she told me I did not have too be perfect in all things too be a witch, or be her Daughter. She told me all I had too do was trust her, and have a heart big enough too care about what happens around me and try and bring life and magick and good back into it.