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What Is Tradition? Tradition, In my opinion by the way you answer this question can let any knowledged pagan or witch know If you know what you are talking about or not.

When I had the Petition on my page the main question on it was "what Tradition are you?" Many people would put "green magick" or "witchcraft". I wanted to do a Page On What Tradition is In The Craft so these people would hopefully read this page and understand.

First Of All Let's Clarify Something. Wicca, Paganism, Neo-Paganism, And Witta, Druidry, Shamanism, All Are Considered WITCHCRAFT. It is the words themselves, (pagan, Neo-Pagan, Wicca, Witta, Shaman, Druid/Dryaed [Female Druidesses]) That Are The PATH You have chosen to WORK, aka PATHWORKING.

The Tradition Is The Type Of WitchCraft You Have chosen, such as (Pictish, faery, Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Egyptian, American-Celtic, Electic, Anglo-Saxon, British etc.) That is The Tradition You were raised in as a Family Tradition, or Herediary WitchCraft, or became apart of in a Circle Or coven or group, or It Chose You.

Let's say I am talking to someone who asks me My Name, Pathworking, and Tradition, This Is How I would answer:

I am Morrigan Stormraven (Craft Name), Solitary (meaning I have no Coven) Celtic-Pictish(My Tradition) Dark Pagan (My Pathworking).

If You have no chosen Craft name yet that is fine. I have been in the craft for 5 and a half years and I just chose my craft name 3 months ago! or in better words It Chose Me! And No, You do not have to be Irish To be in witta, or Scottish To Be caledonii, or Pecti-Wittan, or be Faerie or hold faerie blood to be a faery witch. You don't have to have a Life all changing experience to be Chosen by a specific God or Goddess, or go through a long journey to proove your self worth to them. If you want to survive in the forest alone for a month, then follow your heart, But NOT all witches Have that Calling.

You Should Chose a Dedication to your Tradition and Goddess In the way you want, not to proove to anyone else you are a witch, but only to yourself. You reap nothing from the experience if you are doing the experience to show off or try and appeal too someone, or something.

All Witches are born of a Nationallity, so one is not better than the other, we are all EQUAL In The lord and Lady's eyes and neither one or the other shine brighter or dimer than the other. It matters not what languages we speak in, Our goddess can hear us while we are not even saying a word, and all languages are interpetted by her for she understands all that is within.

It really smacks my goat when one witch thinks because they were born here or they speak the old language they count more than myself or anyone else, or are really better, because of the experience they have. It doesn't.

Remember if you walk a god/goddess path, man or woman, all of us stand equal, no matter how tall we stand, or divided amoung us we may be. Remember you have not the judgement to pass on someone else or call them lesser than you, for words are causing harm as well..


"Ever mind the rule of three!
What you give out comes back to thee!"

My version..

"All witches and pagans,
My Daughters and sisters and brothers, be nice
Threefold's a bitch
When It smacks You Thrice!"

For more on Specific Traditions, please check out My Tradition Page at:

For My Dedication, My dedication process is happening now, I am learning to stay away from the habit's i have had for the past 4 years, staying away from malignant chatplaces that were eating away at my self-worth and self-esteem. I have been 'clean" for a month and a half now, and it is a hard process, but My dedication is not only limited to that, it is allowing myself to be Open too The Morrigan. Most people fear the Morrigan, not all work with her willingly, or more than once for her energies are intense, and full of energy, and can really pack a whallop. I am more than a student of the morrigan, I identify with her on a level that I have never identified with anyone or anything before. Everyday really is super charged with her presence being in my life. It's something that needs to be experienced, grabbed by the horns and just go with it.

Her energy and her power and her ability to speak through me are just clarifying moment's and I know i am helping those who need it. I also know I intimidate others and drive them into a jealous fitful rage, but you can not compete with anyone who is full of the morrigan's charge. We walk alone, but not alone, and we walk proudly whither we are in your good graces or not, and we most likely won't be, but we will Overcome you Easily, for we are of the Morrigu, who sounds the Drum's Of War.