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The Tuatha De Dannan
From One Who Is a Tuatha De Dannan

Many have heard the explanation of the Tuatha De Dannan From A Scholarly point, and or a recording description's from a Manuscript:

They came from Part's of Europe, down from Greece and Came To That which was Eire (ireland) and defeated the Fir Bolg, the giant's who lived there, They Settled part's of Eire, and made the provinces and had a successful government and Kingship there. No King could rule if he had some inperfection too his body or mind. No Tuatha would said to be able to die unless he or she was killed in Battle for Death and sickness did not touch them. It is said and shown they cared much for art and beauty, for Celtic Art, and Object's and Figurines and cave wall painting's and clothing adornment's and jewelry has been found.

It is said they worked magick in everything they did, and was just not done just at sabbats or when one needed protection or a spell done as is of today's witches and ways.

It Is here I will pick up my story for My Lifetime as a Tuatha De Dannan is very dear too me. Please, if you are a young or old celtic witch, or a Tuatha De Dannan Yourself either of Family Trad, or self-dedicated please have respect for the Passages I am about too write! I mean no disrespect for younger witches, or those raised in covens in methods and ways of scotland, wales, man, or ireland.

I was Born with My Sister To A Loving Mother and a Chieftain as a Father, whom were Both Warrior's. They were both Killed in battle when I and my sister were very Young. My Name was Ayslinn (Not Found in any book, and I was named for the Other one) My Sister was Named Lailyle. (both Prounounced Aye-sleen, and Lie-ill) We were raised in our Tribe by The Deae Matres, Or "The Mothers" of the Circle/Tribe. We Lived In Connact, In Ireland, in what is today Both County Cork and Kerry as There were The Mountain's, Plus I remember it being Near The Coast.

They raised both me and my sister as Herbalist's and as Maiden's. We were not allowed to work crone magick, or elder magick, or even be in the circle or place when the elder's were envoking or working a spell or passing over ritual.
Today's Ritual's seemingly last an hour, two hour top's. Old Ritual's in the way's of the elder's were worked All Night, with intense of energy, raising the cones of power's several times, and energies of the collective circle. maiden's were taught Orally all magick, and learnt to cast circles, and to ritually consecrate the tool's, and how to act. Life was Magick, Life was Lived very respectfully and reverently. Not that we did not have festival's or observe the sabbat's with laughter and good times. But there was no disrespect. The Elder's of our Tribe were not elder's By PHYSICAL AGE. They were deemed elder's by the knowledge and wisdom they knew, the ways in which they taught the maiden's and which we passed on our knowledge when we were Motehr's in our own Right.

One became a Mother when one became her their household, meaning either as duty to the tribe or had children of her own.

Women were also taught to use weapon's as Much as Briga Which was Taught By The Goddess Brid. Briga is like Martial art's as they are today. Brid's (breed) briga instructor's were called Brigand's, which later came to mean "Rebel's". One was taught to channel their energy from their mind and aura and used in defending oneself, or in fighting. Fighting was never done to promote harm, unless one was attacked first.

The Clothing Of The Tuatha De Dannan, were Mostly Robes Of The Druid's. I remember wearing all the time, A Robe of Long red with gold Trim. My Hair was always either braided in parts and was pulled back or hung down my back freely. I Carried a Staff which I knew how to use in both Magick, and as a weapon. Men wore the same robes Unless they were Warrior's then they wore breeches and shirt's of deer or elk, or other animal's skin, which they believed as they wore it infused them with the animal itself, and would aid them in battle and or everyday life. My Shoes were made of boot's, which were made of lambskin or deer, or cow, or elk.

Our Homes were Made of Lodges, cut from tree's in the area, Oak, Pine, Birch, Elder, and the roof was made of Thatch, of straw and hay and interwoven branches of The Fir or spruce tree (depending on the season). These Lodges or Cottages were Huge, and could hold a Tribe, and an army and servant's and was also a place to hold festival's if it were too cold outside.

There was alot of varying weather, In Ireland in the winter, which began at samhain, winter could get downright cold. Lammas signaled the final harvest and the start of fall.