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The above image was taken when I was 21, all that is changed is my hair is a little bit longer.

As The Page states, I am Morrigan Stormraven, A 23 year old, Pictish by both blood and Craft Pecti-Wittan.

I write articles for themestream and I am working on a manuscript for Llewellyn. I have been published by for two poem's I have written, and i hope to have more published.

I treat everything I have, Love, pagan blood, natural witch gift's and abilities as Gift's from the goddess. I do not take anything for granted,even though I have been accused of such from other pagans who think they have a better deal than I do. I view all people, both non-pagan and pagan as My equals, as we are equal in the eyes of the goddess and god.

I have been accused as being non pecti-wittan because i was not born on irish or scottish soil. damn straight, I was born In the USA where were all born free, I was born on georgia Soil and I am damn proud of it too! I am far from a "redNeck" or "hick" But I am proud of Georgia being a state of the Confedaracy and I am Proud of our Georgia flag that bears the confederate "stars and bars" Emblem. It's not a Flag of Hate, It's a Flag Of pride and Heritage!

Flag used with permission by:

Being a Witch of any Tradition starts when you 1. Realize and Accept it In your soul that You are different, 2. Know that it runs through memory and Blood and 3. KNow that the goddess/god lives in you with the anima or spirit or "eternal spark" we all possess within that makes us all Unique!

Even If you were raised in a Coven, or Came to the Craft via religious decision and personal self dedication, the 3 steps above are Important too recognize and personalize into your life in anyway possible. It's not how your coven may have taught you or not taught you, It's How YOU take it in and Apply it too yourself.

That's how I view natural magick, and ability It's YOU who have to proove YOURSELF, just because you may have a label or tag that identifies you of the famous croweye coven, or your a High Priestess, or elder or Crone, that title does not service you unless you service it properly, and respect is given too You as a PERSON, and The Deeds You DO, Not BY THE TITLE or Clan Name Or Coven Name You Follow, or the soil you were born ON! It doesn't matter if you were born on Irish soul, or in the whorehouse in NYC, It's all about YOU and how You allow Teachings and words and ideas to mold you as a person.

I am A Solitary who has allowed the Craft in general to Mold her so she may In turn MOLD IT, and Help others who need the assitance. Too me this is how one is a Wise witch for that is what WITCH means, it is not derogatory, it means "wise-man and woman".

I was once told by a certain Rhiannion That I was not a true celtic witch but she was, she was born in ireland and grew up speaking gaelic and belittled me for not knowing more than Failte, or cued mille failte or Failte ac slainte. Anyway I think If she is a True celtic witch she would be applied too do the following:

  • cook in a Cauldron everyday as well as wash clothing at the hearth
  • washing herself and clothes in the nearby river
  • eat rabbit, deer, and porridge, as well as recipes that include Heart's, liver and feet of said animals.
  • goes hunting for food and skin pelt's
  • Spin's cloth and dye's it with woad, saffron, henna and other ink plant's
  • Farm, tend house, tend to the sewing and cooking and skinning of animal's, her consort (having one and one only, i happen to know said rhia is bisexual, has stripped for money and pleasure, and is a braggart of her telekentic and psychekinetic powers)

  • eat haggas, as well as brain's and other disgusting body part's.
  • shelter and adopt orphan's of killed parent's in the village and raise them up as her own.
  • Fend of raider's, thieves and beggar's
  • Go off to war in times of crisis when there are no men to go.
  • Bless the harvest with her menestral blood, give thanks daily, celebrate each sabbat full throttle with the beverages mead, ale, and whiskey in attendance and get slap drunk as in thanks to the goddess/god.

    These are all Duties and The lives of a TRUE CELTIC WITCH. I don't think there are still any said true celtic witches whom do all these thing's in the world today. If there are, then Blessed be your name's.

    Yes too you I may seem Pointed, I have a temper and thank goddess i do i treasure it. I don't allow anyone to run over me, or knock me down. I am a Proud Pagan Bitch. I defend myself and my own. To Hell with you and or anyone who makes it a point to get in my face and stay there, laughing and chortling like a small minded biggot. There is a difference between PRIDE and Jealousy. Just like the morrigu, get in my way, the storm will come straight at you and knock you down. I get along with most people, i love talking to people of all trad's and path's to learn as yes I am still learning and I Covet Knowledge of history and the past, but if I am Crossed, If I am Angered, If I am Pushed beyond a Limit, The Spirit Of HellsFury Shall Descend upon you. It is not Immaturity that speaks, nor jealousy, for I have noone to be jealous of, nor childishness. It is the Morrigan Who will visit you that day you cross her, for to dishonor her daughter is to dishonor her.