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A Witches Prayer and Dedication-

To Those who have gone before us, those who practiced in secrey, who kept alive our craft, who knew the war and knew the death and walked forward anyhow. Bless Your Strength and your Pride and your Honor.

To Those Who Followed and were burnt and hanged and tryed to those who worshipped in secrey still but where of faith too continue the march, and the craft by the light of candle and the dark of the moon. Bless Your Strength, Hope, Pride Praise and Honor.

To Those who brought our craft into a new century so we may bring it into a new millenuim, bless your Spirit, your wisdom, your Soul, Your Praise and Your Honor, Your Pride and Your Strength.

For Those that oppose us for the wrong reasons, come and see the season of the witch, and know of us for our truths and not for your lies! See The Fury Of Nature Flowing Through us, But see The Wisdom of the divine In all Thing's Shining out from our souls through Our eyes!

Let Us gather together, women and men, regardless of religion to restore the earth in which we live, let us remember and honor those gone before us, who walk the paths before us, and Those who walk the path with us, and let us help those just beginning to walk our paths. Let us aid, and heal, restore, and seal, bless and feel, know and love, honor and cherish, govern and hold, learn and teach, stretch and reach, so we may know trueness and open-mindedness, and stop the oppostion and those that fear, and hate.

Let us Be The Love and Unity So we may know Love and Unity.
Let us Be the love and perfect trust so all may know love and perfect trust.
Let us harm none, nor ourselves with words, actions or our ways.
Let us Be so we may be.

Let us all be on one level, be of one mind, and one word so one will equate witch, pagan, wiccan, wittan, neo-pagan, god and goddess with one word:


"For Knowledge is a Key, and Knowledge Equals Power In All Things".

Blessed Be, as Blessed is and Blessed may we all Be!