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She Is a Crone of the ages
she is the triplicity of war
she is the the queen of the mages
she is the daughter of lore
In the morning hear her cawing
In The dusk sit by her door
in the evening see her walking
In the midnight hour see her gore
She of the morrigu
More than one, not more than three
One for each stage of life
one's that's called down to me!

I have seen her in the forest
sitting by her side
I have been to the land of ever-young
Where The Horned One Rides
I have been where others dreamed
I have dreamed where others live
I have seen the sacrifice which they gave
I have learnt this so I May Give
To others that may need of me
Of her, Her Messenger Her daughter I am
I have walked in shadows and light
In The Blood and Darkness I have swam
To Be where I am, I have ripped through hell
I am of The Morrigan, The Fiery Gale!
I am The Fury Of The Storm!
I Am which lies in The Ancient Past!
I am war, Death, Rebirth and Life!
I am The Hunter's Wife, Thundering Past!
See me and Know Me
Find your inner voice
Know me and walk eternal
Come with me and rejoice..

She the crone of all Ages
She who is the keeper of the past..
She who kindles the flame in the darkness
Of Blood and Morrow and Bone
Never here, not alone..
Find in your soul which is True..
Those Blessed By The Morrigu.