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Submit Your Site's, link's, board's, chat's, irc's article's, etc. To CairnNet News! Unlike Other pagan Ezine's we will not pick just the really popular Coven leader's or the 30 year dedicated Pagan Community Leader's. The Pagan Community stay's alive by fresh face's and leader's and Voice's. Submit artwork, picture's (submission's stay copyright to you and Your site's!) This Ezine is tended to showcase younger talent's and voice's, coven and solitary. It can be hard getting published in an ezine that has heavy volume..aka The Witches Voice And That is where CairnNet News' Stand's to make a Difference. You have a right to have your voices heard!

UpComing Articles we are looking for, You may send anything on the topic's Below to CairnNet News at CairnNet News

  • Samhain/Beltane Experience's
  • Witch/Pagan Bio's (I became a Witch In ..)
  • Pagan Bookmark's (pagan website's worth bookmarking)
  • Witch Tales (your experience's as)
  • Community Issues (you feel should be addressed)
  • Pagan-Witch Goal's (Thing's The Community should work on (i.e. bigotry, favorism, religious differences)
  • Pagan Media (how you feel about TV shows, Movie's That have a witchcraft influence)

    Please send all article's you may have from a Homepage URL, aka i.e. Please do not send attachment's or Your Opinion's In an Email Body, I need article's and opinion's on an .html or .htm File URL. I am On WebTV, I can not read document's, attachment's, .txt or any other type of format nor can I save it to hardrive, etc.

    The Launch Issue: Issue 1, Volume 1

    The CairnNet News Is a Pagan Ezine/NewsLetter That seek's too cover all The Pagan, witchcraft, wittan, wiccan, and neo paganism new's and Old warrior paganism new's and site's, newsgroup's homepages, chat's, webrbing's and etc that you may have, that is not getting smooth review's and you would like to Change That. Please email Me, Morrigan if you have such an article or homepage, resource etc. you would like linked in the CairnNet News! We are also seeking WRITER'S For The CairnNet news That report information or would want to write Their own Article's In weekly corner's, or or bi-weekly corner's. Full copyright to your articles will belong too you Only and be linked here with only your permission. Again email me above if you are interested!

    Happy Samhain/Beltane/Happy New year To Those about the Globe!
    If You live in the northern hemisphere, happy blessed samhain and new year too you. Here is hoping The New Turn Of The Wheel found itself blessful in your heart's as it arrived on your doorstep's. here is hoping your ritual's found you in the grip's of Joy On All Hallow's Eve.

    Ritual and Trick or Treating (as It is a Pagan Ritual as well!) found Kid's and Young adult's such as myself In Enchantment as I felt the Faeries Descend about Us, and the Veil's thin completely. It was truly a blissful evening that too be has never been like any other.

    To Those Who live in the Southern hemisphere, happy Blessed Beltane To You and Yours! Here's hoping Your Beltane was splendid. If You would like to send in your Samhain/Beltane Experience's in an article for Next Week's issue at cairnNet News Please mail it on an URL (HTML/HTM Homepage URL to me at!

    StormRaven-CairnNet Site News:

    The Posting Forum and The Free Web Based Email Are up! Please stop in and post in the community on the board, you are completely Invited too become apart of the stormraven-cairnnet community. On The board you may Post Images and HTML, and or leave voice messages. Feel free too acquire a Free web-based email address for life at! Brought too you by BigMailBox.Com.

    TuathaWitchery Site News:
    So Much is going on with The TuathaWitchery Site That I don't know where To Start. New Board, Egroups Discussion, Join The TuathaWitchery Yahoo! Club Stop By The Newsgroup at PictishSidhe-WebTV Only!
    Join The Toplist and promote your pagan webpage's, link your page in the TuathaWitchery pagan Link's exchange. This site is endless plus I have a plethora of articles, that I wrote myself!

    Be Pictish Site News: None as Of Late! Read what's there which is pretty damn impressive should I say so myself. Who are the Pict's? The Picts where the people that descended from Gaul (old france) They sailed to Ireland, where they settled in Ulster for a short time, were given remaining Tuatha De Dannan Widows that still lived where they sailed to Alba/Caledonia/Pictland and too what is Now Scotland. They are my ancestor's. As Far as I know I am The Only Pictish webmistress who is Actually Pictish and is aware of her heritage. I have talked with other web master's of pictish sites, and while they have great information, most of it is speculated. I have an inner depth too me (I am a Seer) and I have shed some light onto Pictish Custom's. The site is good! Check it out!

    Thank you for reading CairnNet News, you may subscribe to the Newsletter by going to the Ezine Main Page and Joining the egroup there by adding your email address to the Box and pressing submit. When an issue is ready too send you will recieve the URL In your email at As This is a Newsletter, you will not be able to post open discussion in the list. if You are seeking one of these group's, please check out PaganWitchery At The TuathaWitchery Site.

    Morrigan StormRaven
    Solitary Celtic Dark Pictish Pagan
    Moderator Of PaganWitchery, Site Creator Of
    TuathaWitchery, BePictish and StormRaven-CairnNet