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It's Yule Time, It's Christmas time, and The blah season greetings have struck. I don't know if you read the zine at all, but It's a miracle in itself that you may or may not be seeing this issue. I like Christmas and Yule, it's not that I don't, but This year its just taking alot to get me motivated.

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All Articles and Copyrights, layout design, banner's, etc. Are copyrighted by Morrigan Stormraven, unless Otherwise Indicated, which includes the Celtic Tree's, and two Yule Pages that were contributed by ~Tessa~, Thank You ~Tessa~.

Morigan's Rant: Tis The Season To Backstab..

Many of you know That I Chat at TalkCity-Pagan Chat when this week something occured, one Celtic User whom shall remain nameless, argued up and down you could not be A Celtic Witch unless you were Born In Ireland, and not unless you grew up in a family tradition Household. She then shot down all experiences by others who had similar experiences too hers, claiming "noone could survive in the forest like she did, playing her violen to the faeries" because noone was a true celt witch like her!.

Said User is now being very non witchy and is bashing me & others, behind my back saying That because I stood up for myself and my belief's too her face that I have "dug my own Grave". I have allready recieved word that many people (including her butt-kissing clique..and don't think i don't know whom you are!) are warning people about me when they don't even know one ounce of truth about me!

The Goddess, and The God are not Jealous of any other God's/Goddesses, why should we as pagan's or wiccan's, or whatever your tradition's stoop that low? It doesn't matter if you were celtic born or celtic trad, you can be it whither You were born on irish soil or born with irish blood. Morrigan say's, "Get over yourself, witch..and stop acting like a Child!" We are all, Equal and if you don't think so, then You are not being truthful with yourself, and are no part of the true craft!

So what if I am Not fluent in gaelic! So what If I don't have the family tartan stored in the closet! So what! Who are you too judge me? You know me not, nor ever have walked in my shoes, but if you get in my face, I am going to let you know just whose face your in. I have a Temper the size of austrailia, I can be nasty, and cunning and mean, and I am proud of my beserker trait's, they may not be suitable for this society, but neither is your backstabbing viscious-jealousy! I am not ashamed too be Me, as you see me! I am a Proud, angry, defying, Goddess, witchy-woman. This Heathenistic, Bitchy Trait may not appeal too you or it may, if it doesn't take your judgeful ass and hit the door, You rule no part of me, stay away from me if I disgust you! You disgust me or I would not be acting like this!

She also, rather disdainfully while she lives on USA soil, bashed america and americians by saying "we did not know one true thing about Ireland, or It's Celtic Tradition's etc. etc." She also informed me that I am "Rude and crude and have no manners" Noone has any manners when they are being dragged through the mud. I have an email address, if you have a problem you need too tell me, not go whispering about it in the IM's of PaganChat! If you get in my face, I am going to show you just how nasty I can be, true, that's very true. I will never ever, backdown and kiss your ass. I have one thing else to say: "if you don't like me, stay away from me, but don't talk about me, because should i find out about it, it shall be dealt with, by me, in one form or another!" Witches do not do that too each other, and also i have been hearing "I am Not a true witch" since when does a solitary pagan need anyone's approval that they are real or not? I seem to remember that Noone needed to give you a piece of paper to say you were or you were not, truly this or that. You have never asked me what i did during rituals or sabbats, or how i celebrated this high holiday or that..just because i don't know gaelic I am not a real witch? Come on, Get over yourselves! *LOL*

-Morrigan Stormraven

Yule Links!

A History About Yule Talks about the history of yuletide and how it is celebrated in different countries.
How To celebrate Yule Tells you about the yule log and thing's to put on your altar's and their purposes, mistletoe and more!
If You are looking for a Celtic Tree Guide, that tells you how the Celt's viewed Different Tree's and their purposes, check out CelticTrees. Another Great Yule Link Is: Silver Eagle's Yule Links

More Yule Links will be featured in Next Week's Ezine, along with our member's pages.

If You are looking for "The ten great pagan pages from somewheres" You'll have to wait, talkCity's search link refused to work for me, and allthough I tryed FortuneCity's Search feature, I did not find anything Of much Credit.

I am Hoping Next week's ezine too be much more plentiful, so if you have articles, feel free to pass them onward ourway by emailing me them at:

The Ezine is Copyright, except for the Links on Yule: Morrigan Stormraven
UnBiased, Not afraid to stand up and declare, "I am an ANGRY BITCH" Pagan webcrafteress, The Tradition.."Solitary celtic Dark Pictish Pagan" you should all realize by now, the Picts were an angry warring people, we live for confrontation, it gets the blood pumping, and if your afraid of the heat of the flame, don't jump in the Fire!
Just a little bit damned crazy and berserk, and fucking mighty god-damned proud!

This Issue of the Ezine Is Dedicated To Fionn Mac cumhal, Pictish Leader of The Fianna Who is honored On Yule (December 21st).

Blessed Be all, and Thank You For Reading The CairnNet News.