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PaganVox*CairnNet News Is A Free Pagan Ezine For The Whole Of The Pagan Community, It's Creation and Design Is Of Morrigan Stormraven, But It's Content Is By The Pagan Community At Large. It is a Free Ezine, which may be written for by anyone of the pagan community and subscribed too as well by going to PaganVox Main.
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From The Editor:
It's That Time Of Year Again! Even if your not pagan or wiccan, wittan or follow a goddess path, you know it by the chill in the air and Those Christmas Commercial's On Tv and the Radio everywhere. Oh My The Sale's! So With That Note, If Your Pagan, or even if your not send me your Yule/Christmas Link's too be Featured In Next Week's EZINE!

I expect too be bombarded with email About Yule and or christmas, By midweek and I hope so! This is a great time for articles and for the Ezine Too grow, and grow and grow. I will also still be featuring Yule/Christmas Link's, and Page's even after the EZine Runs Next Week. So, Pagan's, get Hopping, send me Your Links! Now!

This Week We Have a Featured Writer, Ph0enix_Risen, 10 Great pagan AngelFire Page's, Two Invitation's too Think about joining, and The Main featured Link which at presstime I have no clue in Hades what it is! Look below, and hopefully maybe Morrigan Found something!

What's Up In Issue Five? YOUR YULE PAGES/Graphic's!! 10 Great TalkCity Pagan Links, Themestream articles, and anything else I think you would find of interest!

Featured Writer:

Ten Great ^Pagan^ Pages From


1.Meaning's Of Paganism
2.Pagan NewsGroup's
3.The Pagan's Source
5.Great Pagan Link's Site!
6.Lilithu's Pagan Site's
7.Meadow's Of Elfhame
8.LovelyLady's DruidLink's
9.Pagan Handfasting Page

An Invitation From WebTv_Witches & Stormraven-Circle!

Two Egroup's That I have Recently Started, seek your membership. I know alot of people do not like egroup's because they are discussion list's and they are worried about their inbox's being overcome with Mail. Well, be That as it may, There are option's people can use so this doesn't happen. Egroup's allows you to Select Option's, 1>Indivudal, straight to you mail, 2>Daily Digest, an 25 or less "issue" of all mailing's that are stripped of html, and 3>Read on the web only, no email ever.

For Those On WebTv and are pagan,wiccan,wittan, etc. I have started WebTv_witches! An Egroup/FAQ/Member Page of Those Witches On A WebTv Unit. For Those of you Into Just The Old Warrior Pagan Image I have started my own networking pagan Circle, Stormraven-Circle StormRaven Circle Is also From Webtvian's, and also anyone who is old warrior pagan on a computer. If You Are Interested in either please check them out, and look for their links on PaganVox Main and CairnNet Main, and other page's I run.

Main Featured Link:

Ahhh..Here's a Good Link for You Castle Buff's! I found this link too be quite useful, remember, main featured link's are about ireland,scotland,britain, or something pertaining too all of them in witchcraft, history or lore.
Castles Of Britain Official Website

*Note to Member's!
I am sorry, as I know I said The Member's page's would be in Issue 4, It slipped my slippery Pagan mind, It will be Two issue's from now In Issue 6! I have them all On File, and this will give other people who may join time to get their page's in too me!

Copyright: All Images, articles, site layout and design on this site Are copyright of Morrigan Stormraven, EXCEPT for Castle's of Britain, and The Article By Ph0enix_Risen, and The Respected Copyright Of Said Author's Of The Pagan Homepages Above! Thank you for subscribing to the CairnNetNew's, WebTv_Witches, and StormRaven-Circle, and if you are not a member of either yet, please come and join us, we would be blessed too have you!