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PaganVox And CairnNet News Is A Pagan/WitchCraft Ezine Ran By Morrigan Stormraven and Other's who contribute of the Pagan Community. Anyone Can Contribute, see the rule's and guidelines Here At PaganVox Main.

I Hope Everyone Had a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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Greeting's From The Editor:
I have had a Busy Week Here, and My Apologies for The Ezine Being Late. I have had Health Matter's and Technical Issues with My WebTV not wanting too Act Accordingly.
In This issue, I have supplied you with Top Ten Pagan Geocities Sites, A Main Featured Link On Ghost's Of Scotland, and How To Chose A Craft Name. Finally, People are Joining The Ezine List, and Are Contributing Too The Ezine. As Alway's There is ALWAYS an Open Invitation For Your Sites, Poetry, Artwork, dedication's, Your Article's and More That You May want to Submit. Your Copyright remain's Your's and YOUR'S ALONE. I am a writer myself and I am not Interested In Plagerism.

Let Me Tell You about Issue 4 For Next Week:
I Am Looking For Our Member's Page's To Be Listed, Top ten Pagan Page's Of Angelfire, so if you have a Page at Angelfire That Is Pagan/Wiccan Send it to me at: Morrigan333 Main featured Article's and More Wonderful Article's From Themestream.

  • ***Issue 5 is Going To Be Our YULE Issue. Send me anything On Yule at The Email Link Above. Your pages, artwork, Another site you recommend, Dedications, Your Tradition's, YuleTide Blessing's etc.

    Top Ten Pagan Geocities Sites

    There are Some Really Good Geocities Site's here. I really recommend you look at them. What I look For as I only Pick Ten, Is Good Layout, Good Design and Good Artwork as well as reverent Content. I pick those sites that I Think Really Need To Be Reviewed and Linked.

  • Cauldron of Myth
  • Circle Of Path Encounter's
  • SoCal Fianna Org.
  • Sea Witch's Index
  • Ni Dadga
  • Bard SpellSong's Pagan F-Key#CairnNet News Member
  • Red Cedar's
  • Trucking Witch Work's-Love That Name!
  • Yngona's Asatru Site
  • Tuatha MacTire-Wonderfully Done Site!

    How Too Choose A Craft Name
    By: Morrigan Stormraven

    I thought This would be a Nifty Idea. Some know Instantly what they are going to Use as a Craft name, other's go through a bunch of name's before the pick one. I used to Go By: RavensFury, and I still use FuryOfTheStorm, but Those Both Lead me To Choose Morrigan StormRaven. I Follow The Morrigan, Who is Identified with Both Storms and Raven's.

    I have devolped a system for those who wish to Have a Craft Name and don't or may not know how to Begin. Most Men and or women go by Goddess and God Name's, as In Ayslinn, Or Pan. But Sometimes one wants a Last Name Too. This also takes alot of self-divination, and is also a fun process.

    1. First Pick The Name of a Goddess Or God You Favor, Honor, Or Respect, or Identify with.
    2. Then Chose An Aspect of Nature,
    3. Then Chose An Animal, A Second Aspect of nature, Or An Element.
    Of Course If You want to Be Unique, You can Do First Name Nature Aspect, Second Name God/dess name and Last Part Second Nature/Animal Aspect. Such As:

    1. Flidais WindElk
    2. Green-Badb-RunningCrow

    3. Bri FaeryWing
    4. Gandalf WolfRain (Got the hang of It Now?)

    Something Too That Affect! I Hope this help's anyone pick a Name If they have not decided On a Craft Name. A Craft Name is Useful because You do not have to Give Your Real Name which at circle's, sabbat's and gatherings Just doesn't do, A Craft Name is Used To Idenify oneself with the path and Or Patron Goddess They Follow.

    Still If You are stumped, and You would like me too Pick one for You, Or you just want too see what I'll say, You Can: Ask Morrigan.

    Main Featured Link:
    Main featured Links are Picked That Deal with some sort of Irish or Scottish WitchCraft-ian Feel. I especially love anything on ghost's in scotland/ireland, or Haunted Castle's, or witchcraft of said Region. All Featured Link's Will Be about Ireland Or Scotland, Isle Of Man, Or something too that affect! Also Links Of Faery Magick/Faith, Druidism, celtic and Scottish, and Pictish WitchCraft.
    The Eerie Tour Of Scotland

    Do You have any pages, articles etc, on Scotland or Ireland? Would you like them too be featured Here as a Featured Link? If so, send me email at and I shall Link Your site.

    Thank You For Reading And Subscribing too The PaganVox*CairnNet News. Our Reader's and submissoner's (is that a word?) and subscriber's are Deeply Appreciated Here At PaganVox, I can not tell you how much I appreciate your time and effort That You use too send links or Join Our Mailing list or Write in with your Own Article's and Homepage's. Thank You Once again!

    Copyright: © PaganVox*CairnNet News, layout and design, and Graphic's and Articles By Morrigan Stormraven and Remain property Of Morrigan Stormraven. The PaganVox•CairnNet News Is a Free, Pagan/WitchCraft Community Ezine. All Other Links Are Copyright By Their Author's Of Said Page's.