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CairnNet News Is A Pagan Ezine That carries article's of new's, bio's, poetry, artwork, dedication's, and The ongoing's of thing's online and offline of the Pagan/Dark Pagan Community. We are seeking member's and Writer's, and or author's/artist's to showcase in our zine. To learn how to SubMit Your Stuff To The Ezine, Please see the main Page at: PaganVox and or email us at: Morrigan

This Week's Feature's Are:
  • The waterfall's of Scotland~Main Featured Link
  • Ten Great Pagan Pages From Tripod
  • Articles From ThemeStream
  • Voting, Chatting About It And Immaturity

    Main Featured Link
  • WaterFall's From Scotland
    I Found this page yesterday, and I wanted to link it in the ezine because it has some very beautiful photograph's. I also had a Dream about one of these waterfall's which was about 4 or so month's ago back in July, I first thought I dreamt of one from georgia, where I live but It was a Dream that was My Ancestor's and The Grey Male's Tail was the one I found out was from my dream, as It Look's, and is described just as I remember.

    Voting, Chatting about It and People's Immaturity : Rant's By Morrigan
    -I Shall Rant on something new each week, that i feel is an important thing to rant about. You Can also submit Rant's too the e-zine, if you have them.

    A Rant By Morrigan Stormraven

    Note: I am not trying to push any view's on anyone here, I am just stating my view's, they may be wrong too you, but too me they work. Judge me if You want too, It's "human" But This is the way I feel.

    This week, I got to settle down and chat over at TalkCity In one of their Pagan Chatroom's. TalkCity Is An IRC Network That alot of webtv and computer user's chat on, meaning all the conversation's are live.

    Anyway, of course the conversation came about talking about the recounting, and Voting In The First Place. Now I See why certain people hate politic's and why some ezine's do not even cover it, and remain nuetral and all that jazz. Anyway, I wanted too put it too a vote.

    I Live In The United States Of America. Some view it as a wasteland of crime compared too some countries elsewhere who has cleaner air, and doesn't pollute so much. Some view it as The Land of The Free, a Land alot of people worked hard to maintain and keep free, with war and government and control, That Main Control being The President of The United State's. I view it as just a Land That yes is free and I am glad to be born "free", but to me it is just a land that I am In, till my next lifetime. Kinda closed off, I know. To me, I have always be born free, no matter where I was, or where I went. The republican's and democrat's come from the root of the same word.."Republic" and "democracy". Are we supposed to believe one is more ~stellar and shiny~ than the other one?

    Our Last One and still Current President at This Time, Bill Clinton was seen as some what of a mockery because of the whole Monica Thing. I never judged him for it. I am not like all these people who point their finger's scream bloody murder when someone makes a mistake, he said he did it, he apologized for it. Apparently it wasn't enough to rip his family apart, which would have sent most american women Running home to Mommy about what a Smuck their Husband's are.

    I liked Clinton, He made mistake's which show's he is human. With all the scandal that was surrounding him, I really felt That it was alot of Gore trying to get him Impeached and Removed out of the whitehouse, I am not the only one who felt this way, alot of people did. Maybe you didn't specifically, but then does it matter?

    I was 17 when Clinton was President, or became president, I did the "Rock The Vote" Thing that the people on MTV were doing. I Voted for Clinton then.

    I did not however Vote for Neither Bush Nor Gore. I am an honest person, I am a responsible person, but last night, My opinion of being an american citzen was shot down simply because I did not Vote. I am A Pagan and Regardless of Religion or Path, Neither Gore or Bush had any issue's I felt that had too do with Mine. I View George Bush as A Man who only want's too be president because Daddy was, I also will never vote to put a man who think's electrocution as a form of death sentance is great, into the white house. I View Gore as a Man who want's to be President Just too be President. Nether a reason for me to Vote For Either. Give me a Pagan Candidate, I'll vote for Them. Let's remember one thing, if we are following a goddess path, Electrocution is a form of Burning.

    I believe That as I am an american I have the right to NOT VOTE for people who can not campaign fairly. They were both ripping each other apart, telling each other and everyone else about their "impurities". Who care's if Gore did Pot in 1976? Who Care's If Bush drink's alcohol or did Cocaine or Not? It's my business too not judge people about what Drug's they may have done or their Impurities, if they have slept around or whatever. It's a big pet peeve of mine. Yes, I realize I am Judging him on being governor of texas for Killing people in an electric chair. I do not believe in captial punishment. I believe in punishment, but I do not believe we as human being's have the right to kill someone by Such Mean's, especially someone of local authority or Power. It's scary. Don't you think so?

    I will never vote for any president, or anyone, any woman, any man, or anything who can not campaign without turning into a "Tattle-Tale". "Oh he did this, he did that." How do you know? WHERE YOU THERE?

    So as an American here, If you want to be president of my country, LEARN to Campaign, Instead of whine, and maybe I'll take responsiblty and Vote for you! AS For This recount Mess, why don't we put Bush and Gore, and all their people on the survivor island, and the one who win's shall be deemed president. We need a survivor president, not one who win's like a baby and take's thing's too Court.

    To This issue when I brought up this Idea, I was told "well since you didn't vote I don't think you have reason too complain!" I was complaining LONG before election day. I am certainly not the only one who saw all those degrading "advertisement's" because if you have noticed, "Snicker's®" and Entergizer® Both Spoofed Those commerical's by making fun of them too sell their Product's. Now That's what Has my vote. They aren't worth voting for, they are much better to laugh at. Maybe soon, some people who are loyal, and are all red white and blue over this issue will see the Humility and the comedy in between the line's.†

  • Themestream Article's Of The Week
    I Recently Joined Themestream A Great place to recieve article's on stuff that is important or of interest too you, and Contribute as well. They also pay you to contribute. This is what I have been looking for a Long time, as I am a Writer of both Fiction and Non-Fiction. They have a Great Occultism, and Magic, WitchCraft, Paganism, Wicca, and other section's for Great Article's and each week I am going to feature some article's, my own plus other's, That have too do with the Occult and Paganism.

  • Ignorance In The Occultic Community
  • Principle's
  • WitchCraft In Scotland
  • Book Revieve: Witch From Wicked To Wicca

    Main Feature: Ten Great Pagan Pages At Tripod

    So Many Great Pages at Homepage provider's many of us don't see, but should. So Each week, as a feature, I am going to Do Ten Great Page's From "Homepage Provider". You can submit your page for this if you have a Page That is Pagan/Dark Pagan, Or based on a Goddess Path To Me At: Morrigan333 All Article's WILL Appear In The Zine, if not in that Week's issue, then you will recieve in email when You should be able too see it. Too Make sure you recieve the Ezine, be sure to drop your email off in the box at PaganVox. It's an egroup Newsletter ONLY, so this mean's your email box will not be flodded with email. Only Moderator's can post, and I only send stuff relating too the ezine when I send the link out.

    1. Pagan's of South Florida
    2. Pagan Image's
    3. Pagan Resource's
    4. Pagan IRC Chat's
    5. Old Paganism
    6. EarthSight
    7. Pagan Symbol Image's
    8. Pagan's Of Rhode Island
    9. Pagan Networking-CelticPath's
    10. Luchtaine's Wiccan and Pagan Supply's

    Copyright: The Voting Rant, The Layout, the graphic's, 'Ignorance', and 'Principle's' In The Thremestream section are all Creation's By Morrigan Stormraven, all other article's are linked for Only Interest, and are property of said author's on their page's. Regardless of my Vote Rant, May the best person for the white house win, and may the goddess and lord and lady bless them and the hell-er the Job They are about too endure and maintain for the next four year's.

    Next Week's Zine: "Your Links" Plus, Ten Great pagan Pages From GEOCITIES, Morrigan's Rant, Main Featured Link, and anything else I can throw in.
    Thank you from PaganVox and Stormraven-CairnNet
    For Reading The CairnNet News at PaganVox. BB&MM&MP Till Next Week.