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Who I Am Now:

I Am Morrigan Stormraven. I am a 23 year old Pagan webmistress/crafter, and I care a great deal about Celtic and Pictish Witchcraft and Promoting it. I know by the marking's of my Physical age I am deemed Young and the fact That In This lifetime I have been in the Craft for almost Six Years Does not when This information is presented too other's of any tradition or craft Bode well for me when I tell them I am An Old Soul, Dark Pagan, and "Crone". I make however no disrespect, for when the time that my soul came from, crone meant "wise women and man" and was not confined to the Age of the Physical crone that you see today.
My Path is Of The Celtic-Faerie Mix which includes My Ancestor's The Pict's, or as it is known, Pecti-Witta. The Pict's are also of the Tuatha De dannan as they intermarried with them. In That It is odd that I should be Related To My Former Self, The soul and memories I retain.

Who I have Been:

I will use the Word "Awakened Soul" alot. An awakened soul, is one who has lived before and these abilities of natural magick and memory have re-awoke intheir physical bodies of this age. An Awakened soul is An Ancient Soul.

A I am a Seriously Awakened Ancient Soul. I have seen two Milliena, and My Astral Soul is over Six Thousand year's Old, And My Time is here now to live again with those of the New Age Of WitchCraft, To Lead to Guide and To Help.

I am Not An Ordinary Ancient Soul, The weight of my lifetimes and experiences does leave a Trail On me. It's not like I make up my experiences to be popular or win appraise as I have been accused of.

Life is an endless journey. It begins with Death, and Is Passed onward through rebirth and Reincarnation and Ends yet again and Starts Again. I do not wish to be treated different, just respected as it is earned by pagan's and witches of Today. We aren't here to make witches of any tradition feel less than adequate. We are the Personal Messenger's of the God and Goddess Themselves. We are here to help and guide you, those who need to find their way or has lost their faith, and wish to find it again.

You should not fear us or hate us or envy us. Our path is a long one, It is full of happiness and sadness, of achievement's and honor's, of Endless Love and Hope. That is which we carry and hope to pass onward.

Ancient's as I am Have Many Names:
Old Soul's, Old witches, Ancient's, Otherkin & Shadowkin, Faeries, And Sidhe. We have even been linked with Alien and Vampire Myth's. The Truth Is, We ancient's are an ancient Race, made up of the Bard's and scholar's, and Witches, and Order's Of The Ancient Past. All Our Magick is Natural and is done much simpler by word or look or wish, just as easily as by ritual, tool and book. A Spark of old wisdom is in us all, and should not be credited to just Ancient's, for it is you That has come From US, and It Is We Who Belong amoung You! The Spark of Creativity Belongs In all of us, Non Witches, new Witches and Old Witches, Animal's and Plant's and Earth, The Universe and The Astral Plane's and Other Realm's. Magick is not confined to Book's. Magick Is everywhere You are, for it is everywhere we have been.

I Have lived In Temples of Isis, Been lovers Of Vikings, Walked amoung The faerie Sidh's and Worked With The Deae Matres or Deae Matronae, I have been High Priestess Of My Scottish Coven, Lived In Colonial America and Been Burnt for Practicing Witchcraft, and retaining my Youthful Image In Italy. I have been Tuatha, I have Been Norse, Egyptian, Amish, And Puritian, I have Been Scotti. I have walked The shadows Of The Death Mysteries, Been Astral Disincarnate and retain my memories of The Summerland. I have Helped many in everylife and many have helped me when I was young and naive and lost my footing on my Path. In This Life I am Pictish, born of wild blood, Proud and strong and wise. I am many people, yet I am nothing. A Mirror of myself is in you, and a mirror of yourself is In Me.

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